[time-nuts] IEEE 1588 Clock and Packet Timestamper

Will Matney xformer at citynet.net
Sat Aug 6 22:48:10 UTC 2011

Just received this notice from Maxim.

"The MAX24288 is a flexible, low-cost IEEE 1588 clock and timestamper with
an SGMII or 1000BASE-X serial interface and a parallel MII interface that
can be configured for GMII, RGMII, or 10/100 MII. The device provides all
required hardware support for high-accuracy time and frequency
synchronization using the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol. In both the
transmit and receive directions 1588 packets are identified and timestamped
with high precision. System software makes use of these timestamps to
determine the time offset between the system and its timing master.
Software can then correct any time error by steering the device's 1588
clock subsystem appropriately. The device provides the necessary I/O to
time-synchronize with a 1588 master elsewhere in the same system or to be
the master to which slave components can synchronize.

"In addition, the MAX24288 is a full-featured, gigabit parallel-to-serial
MII converter. It provides full SGMII revision 1.8 compliance and also
interfaces directly to 1Gbps 1000BASE-X SFP optical modules".




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