[time-nuts] FTS 1050A

Paul A. Cianciolo paulc at snet.net
Tue Aug 9 19:15:10 UTC 2011


Thank you for the idea.  I do like the idea of leaving the 1050 completely
stock with the exception of adding a DDS size board.
What about the programming to say give a 5 or 10 MHz output from an odd
clock frequency.

Where did you get your DDS kit and who did the programming?

Paul A. Cianciolo
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The FTS 1050A  sounds like a very nice toy. I agree with one of the other
suggestions - use the device as a reference for a DDS generator, so you can
have any frequency you like, with high stability.

Many of the newer DDS chips have excellent performance, and in addition
include a clock multiplier. I have an AD9852 kit, and it can multiply by up
to 20, so would give ~120MHz as the reference from your FTS1050A, and then
have useful output to 30MHz. The synthesizer is 48 bit, so the steps are
very small.

I use mine with an odd-frequency FEI Rubidium source (about 60MHz) and the
results are very good - any frequency I want with microHz resolution.

Murray Greenman

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