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	I followed your suggestion and got both "Seize the Daylight" and
"Spring Forward" from my local library.

        Seize the daylight : the curious and contentious story of daylight
saving time / David Prerau / ISBN 1560256559
        Spring forward : the annual madness of daylight saving / Michael
Downing / ISBN 1582434956

 	Both have very interesting facts about the history of DST, but IMO
"Seize the Daylight" is a much more enjoyable reading, following a script
that better describes the events around each change (and has illustrations,
too...). Things that some of us late 20th century creatures don't realize,
like major city times, that would be off 35 minutes and only became a
problem when trains started to connect them. Farmer's point of view,
crusades for DST, war, etc.

	After reading them, I'm cured - no more posts defending, criticizing
or suggesting amendments to DST. I just belong to the a certain DST
'religion' that would prefer we didn't have a 1hr step change twice a year,
period. No desire to evangelize anyone in the other DST denominations, which
is Quixotean task just as futile. It is too late now.

	Now if they propose changing the thermometer scales, to show 10
degrees higher in winter, 10 degrees lower in summer, to do similar mass
hypnosis to save heating and a/c energy, I'll write my congresswoman.  :-)

Thanks for the book recommendation.

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Jose Camara <camaraq1 at quantacorp.com> wrote:

> I think before adding to the fire of UTC1, UTC7 etc. why not just abolish
> this silliness called Daylight Savings Time?  If there is any benefit to
> just change business operating hours instead.

If you want to know why your suggestion doesn't work, David Prerau has
collected many many examples. http://www.seizethedaylight.com/

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