[time-nuts] Is anyone using Keithly 776 Freq counter TIC function?

Paul Cianciolo paulc at snet.net
Mon Aug 15 03:36:55 UTC 2011

I have a properly working Keithly 776 Frequency counter that has the TIC using the A and B inputs.
I have z3801 that is considered my house reference, that 10 MHz output goes to the A input.
A double oven RAKON oscillator is connected to the is connected to the B input
Both signals are square waves.
Using a frequency comparator the Rakon oscillator is adjusted to 1 part in 10-8  
I was assuming that I would see on the FReq Counter a display in degrees a number between 0 360  that was constantly cycling 
The whole reason for this post and my previous one is to get sample out of the counter in terms of a voltage, log these voltages,  manipulate them and then try to graph the results to try and duplicate Allan Variance and Deviations even if only in a very crude manner for now.
There is an analog output  in the back of the counter.
Does this seem feasable?  Or maybe there is another counter that would work better
Thank you again for any help

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