[time-nuts] any HP 5370B Available or other TIC

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Well, I do have an interest in fpga applications to mess about in the 10 ps rms ballpark.

It's along these lines:



Together with another list member I'm working on a tdc implementation in fpga. We have a 50/50 xilinx/altera split... I'm working on a Spartan 6 (http://www.digilentinc.com/atlys), and he's working on a Cyclone IV. Luckily it turns out that the ideas and architecture carry over well enough between different fpga's since we get similar results.

The interests are roughly in this area:
- frequency counter
- time interval counter
- time stamper
- gpsdo
- dmtd

So while I am not directly looking to divide my tinkering time between this project and yet another project, if what you plan to do in the fpga precision timing realm coincides enough ... it might be useful to combine some things. At the very least we could swap some ideas.

So what did you have in mind?


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El 18/08/2011 08:37, Bruce Griffiths escribió:
> DMTD or dual mixer time difference.
> An all digital version (DDMTD like that used in CERN's White Rabbit) is also possible
> 3 (and M) input versions are also feasible.
> Either an FPGA or a CPD plus a microprocessor are required to ensure low cost.
I've lying around one of these little things: http://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?Language=English&CategoryNo=139&No=593 (that really I purchased only for amusement along with a bigger and quite more expensive FPGA board). It lacks I/Fs except GPIOs (it only has an USB that really are more intended for JTAG functionalities than for other things), but seems a nice unexpensive core for a DDMTD. It could be a fun project :) Anyone would like to join? ;)



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