[time-nuts] 5370B airflow

Heinzmann, Stefan (ALC NetworX GmbH) Stefan.Heinzmann at alcnetworx.de
Sun Aug 21 08:42:56 UTC 2011

I obtained a 5370B with the "bad socket syndrome" and restored it to working order.

I was wondering about the side panels, though. One of the side panels is perforated for airflow, the other isn't. My version of common sense would indicate that the perforated one would have to go on the left side, so that air pushed in by the fan on the right would have to travel through the instrument until it escapes on the left near the power transformer. On my box it was mounted on the right, allowing the air to escape directly beside the fan.

Unfortunately, the manual was of no help with this, and despite thorough discussions about 5370B cooling in this list, I couldn't find an answer here, either. So what's the correct way of mounting the side panels?

Thanks for your help!


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