[time-nuts] Locked onto LORAN 8970 GRI Monday AM

Bill Riches bill.riches at verizon.net
Tue Feb 5 15:44:46 EST 2013

Hi Stan,

Now I am confused!!  I have an 857 and 80 - 6 screwdriver in my car.  Tuned
it up on 3800, then looked at broadcast band - Distant stations 500 - 600
khz were coming in aboug s9.  Heard 100khz about s1 - qth is 9 miles line of
site from wildwood tower.  Drove to Wildwood and down to the old engineering
station that has been abandoned and turned into a nature trail.  Drove out
to Loran gate - 500 feet from tower sig was up to S9.  Thought it would be
stronger. No one around but left my qsl card with a note -n "Call me, I have
questions!" and my phone number in the gate access box.  Will see if I get a

I have a Wellbrook 1010 loop at 20 feet and am getting a null at about 30
degrees when receiving 100 khz.  I checked null on a Wildwood AM station on
1230 and it is at 135 degrees so I know the loop is working.

When I approached the tower I thought I should have a real strong signal but
it only went up to about s9.  I now think that Wildwood is not on the air
and the increase in signal was being close to the 625 foot tower and it was
acting as a passive repeater since it is resonant to 100 khz.  So what loran
station could be on the air at about 30 degrees or so from Cape May Court
House, NJ 39 05 N  74 51 W Tower is 38 57 N  74 52 W.  Mileage 9 miles and
185 deg from me.

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Hello Bill,

I have no real idea. I can not DF at this time. Antenna is an omni.

I suspect the FS700 receiver looks at GRI data and placement within the
waveform and goes to a look up table in firmware to tell me the supposed
location to the LORAN plan 10 years ago.

Only thing that may be possible is the RX signal strengths are different for
master and slave, so they may be physically separated or their TX RF is from
one location at different power levels.

It will be interesting what your contact at Wildwood (NJ) has to say.

Stan, W1LE   Cape Cod

On 2/5/2013 1:06 PM, Bill Riches wrote:
> OK Stan,
> What stations are you receiving - not GRI numbers but locations!
> Bill Riches
> Cape May
> -

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