[time-nuts] Nifty "MINI TIC" for DMTD

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Wed Feb 6 11:01:37 EST 2013

The delay is mainly do to the fact that the promise to do the drawings did  
not materialize. The counters are done and tests on variations of the D/M's 
are  ongoing since the noise floor is not the counter but the D/M.
Bill Riley's boards are out there and it would be nice to get some feedback 
 on test results, also I have explored the possibility of some one 
manufacturing  the board. A time nut is in the business and will be able to supply 
the SMD  version of the board for $160 plus shipping if a minimum volume of 
20 get  ordered. As to D/M four options will be available starting with 
Bill's  PCB.
I have 4 kits of my D/M and counters available and will work with some that 
 have the proper OCXO's and willingness to test with Time Lab since tests 
with  Stable 32 and Ulrich's A/V software is ongoing. If interested please 
contact me  off list
Recent tests by Corby has convinced me that with the four channel counter  
not only cross correlation but also three corner hat is doable with one  
dual mixer. The offset oscillator has to be also of high quality.
Some of the delays are due  to visitors over the holidays but also the  
fact that the D/M project is not the only one. Of equal or more importance is a 
 home standard that can get close to a Maser using GPS Rb and the best OCXO 
 in the house.On the D/M the only work for us is packaging and display PIC  
programming. Latest set of boards were ordered yesterday. The display is a  
nice feature but not necessary.
I hope we will have the drawings in about 10 days.
Bert Kehren
In a message dated 2/6/2013 4:15:33 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
J.Bastemeijer at TUDelft.nl writes:

Dear  all,

! Did I miss something, or are we "all" waiting for more info to  be 
published on this system? I checked KO4BB site, but I couldn't find any  
new info on this project. An update would be appreciated!

Note:  This message is written with a positive intent, not as a  complaint!

Thank you, best regards,  Jeroen
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