[time-nuts] Nifty "MINI TIC" for DMTD

Dan Kemppainen dan at irtelemetrics.com
Fri Feb 8 15:24:37 EST 2013

We do 0603 and 0402 with IC's at .5mm lead spacing all day long. Under 
stereo zoom, it's not an issue. We have 50+ year old techs who build 
this stuff all day...

We have one of these on every bench. At around $700 new for the 3x to 
90x Zoom it's not bad. But may be prohibitive for home use. I can 
highly recommend adding a .5x bottom lens, as this increases your 
working distance by a factor of two...

Once you go surface mount, you'll never want to do through hole again!


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> I bought a stereo microscope some days before and I agree with Bob. I
> keep building non-RF projects the classical way (through hole) but if it
> comes to radio frequency I prefer SMD since high frequency is easier to
> handle. Can you tinker with the idea of buying a stereo microscope? It's
> absolute fun to easily solder those miniature parts!
> Volker - DF9PL

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