[time-nuts] Network jitter with NTP

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Feb 13 03:09:37 EST 2013

I just wanted to ask though, are you compiling your own NTP now or what?


but then under http://support.ntp.org/people/hart/win/x86/

... most recent seems to be ntp-4.2.7p310

^Basically, you were previously documenting use of dave hart's builds
(overlaid over a meinberg ntp install or otherwise)

Yes, Sarah, with initial help from Dave Hart and later help from more 
C-fluent friends on the various groups, I have managed to compile NTP from 
the available source code - details here:


To try and offer something in return, I make my recent builds available 


although they won't work on Windows-2000 and earlier due to limitations on 
the MS Visual Studio 2010 Express I am using.  You can overlay my ntp*.exe 
over a Meinberg install.  For Windows-Vista and Windows-7 there have been 
some significant improvements in the most recent builds, and Windows-8 can 
provide even more improvements, nearer to Linux and FreeBSD than previous 
versions of Windows, but still not as good.

Dave Hart has been involved in a house move recently, so he has been rather 

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