[time-nuts] Network jitter with NTP

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Feb 13 06:26:21 EST 2013

Sarah, David,

I've changed my Minpoll and Maxpoll settings as suggested by David and now
getting much better results (1 - 2 mS) when settled for the Meinberg Stratum
1 units. I'm also using Meinberg's version of NTP (6.2.6).

I'm still experimenting with settings, but it looks like my original post
regarding the Ethernet over Power adapters might have been a red herring.


Rob, your previous post is likely quite valid.  The power adapters, like 
Wi-Fi, introduce timing uncertainties as those more expert than me have 
described.  The smaller poll intervals you are now using hide the problem 
with Windows-7 & Vista which was fixed in 4.2.7p348 and later.

So with the latest version (4.2.7p354)


you should find improved results even with the longer poll interval.  Of 
course, once you are using servers on your LAN there's no need to use long 
poll intervals to access them, so you might want to leave it as is (first 
rule of networking: if it works, leave it!).  If you need even better 
timekeeping on the non-stratum-1 clients, consider Windows-8.  I did say 
"consider", not "you must install", BTW!

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