[time-nuts] altinex switches

Tom Miller tmiller at skylinenet.net
Thu Feb 21 13:58:58 EST 2013

I picked up two of these units and they were a very good deal. Don, thanks 
for finding and reporting them. I wish I had picked up a few more of them.

Inside, there is a four output switching supply with +/-12 and +/-5 volts. 
If it were possible to cut away some of the main board that includes the 
input modules, there would be enough room to install a GPSDO. This would 
make for a house standard with up to 16 buffered outputs.

Did any of you find any documentation for these units? The control of the 
device can be done using the two buttons on the rear of the unit. A single 
input can be selected and a GPSDO 10 MHz fed in to that input. Multiple 
outputs are selected by first stepping to a channel then pushing in and 
holding the output button for a few seconds. It is possible to have a single 
input drive all the outputs with no loss.


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I bought a couple of
switches. The manual is at:

You get 8 inputs switchable to 12 outputs IN ANY COMBO. meaning it can
be a 12 output distribution amp. isolation amps all round, and either
200 or 300 MHz bandwidth. dc coupled, have a look. There are some left.

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