[time-nuts] Lady Heather numbers

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Tue Feb 26 00:05:11 EST 2013

To quote WarrenS:

> To allow the Tbolt to work with weak signals from any antenna that I've tried,
> even when indoors, I start by setting the TBolt's AMU level from the default of 4
> down to 0. This can be done with the Tbolt S/W or LH.
> My general AMU setting goal is to make it low enough so that the TB is always
> using a minimum of three satellites. If the TB ever does goes into holdover, that
> should be fixed, because that will cause some serious freq offset noise at the
> TBolt's output, The usual holdover fix is to give the antenna a better view of the
> sky and/or  lower the TBolts AMU setting. It is better to set the AMU too low
> which will allow it to use weak signals all the time than it is to set it too high
> and have No signals even for a short time.
> After lowering the AMU value, if you want to optimize the setting, LH has all
> kinds of tools to help, such as the sat signal strength plot.
> ws

-Chuck Harris

Garren Davis wrote:
> The antenna has a pretty clear view of the sky. I notice that whenever a satellite
> drops out it causes the oscillator white trace and the DAC green trace to jump
> around. I wonder why that happens when there are 6 other good satellites.
> I can go back in time by using the down arrow and I see that it was pretty steady
> overnight until the furnace turned on to heat up the house. It's amazing how
> sensitive it is.
> Garren

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