[time-nuts] Lady Heather numbers

Garren Davis garren.davis at qlogic.com
Tue Feb 26 10:37:33 EST 2013

I didn't know Google provided such good views of the house. Facing the house you are looking
north. You can see the white GPS antenna behind the satellite dish. It has a pretty good view
of the sky east, south, and west. I probably could get it a little higher. You can probably
tell from all the antennas on the cars and house that I am a Ham (KB6FAS). This time-nuts
thing is just another hobby I don't have enough time to spend on.


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 From the attachment I see he is near LA with a nice house with a kidney shaped pool :-)


At 26-02-2013, you wrote:
>If I am not mistaken (and I could be), the Lat/Long suggests that you
>are in China.  Is that correct?
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>I have been playing with my thunderbolt and Lady Heather over the
>weekend. I hope it's ok that I attached a screen dump of what I have.
>Can anyone comment on the picture. It's been running less than a day
>and I don't know if what I have would be considered good as far as
>accuracy and stability is concerned.

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