[time-nuts] SRS FS700 questions

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Sat May 3 12:57:32 EDT 2014

My FS700 arrived yesterday, complete with bonus artistic  effects due to 
the sender believing a thin coat of bubble wrap  with an outer layer of 
cardboard cut from a box and just taped on top,  no padding or air gap, would be 
the obvious way to ship  it:-(
Physically at least it seems to have survived remarkably well, no damage to 
 the BNCs and the front panel trim, outer covers and transformer cover all  
looking pretty good again after a couple of hours work.
Not having any rack ears attached was probably quite a bonus with it  
shipped like this!
The only obvious internal "damage", and it might have been that way before  
shipping anway, are three vertical inductors held to the circuit board by  
silicon rubber or hot melt adhesive that are loose but still seem to be  
electrically connected
Anyway, it powered up ok and is indicating it's locked onto Anthorn in the  
Lessay chain, even if it does believe it's found the never built station at 
Loop  Head in Ireland:-), but I'm not sure if it's functioning properly.
It's close enough that I don't want to start pulling it apart for the sake  
of it without being sure, and it may just be a case of waiting for it to 
settle,  but after showing as "locked" for several hours the 10MHz output, as 
indicated  both by the internal display and an external counter, is swinging 
back and  forth quite rapidly anywhere within approx +/- 3 parts in  10^9.
There was an obvious change in the crystal oscillator frequency as the oven 
 warmed, and another when the conditioning seemed to take over, but it's 
been  "hunting" like this ever since it first indicated lock and with no 
obvious  change, just when I do think it might be converging it "opens up"  again.
So first question is, can anyone tell me please if this is "normal" or  
close enough that I should expect it to settle eventually, or do I need to 
start  investigating further?
Second question, could somebody confirm please whether or not the LCD  
display is supposed to be backlit?
This one isn't, but it's not immediately obvious from photos I've found  
online whether or not it should be, and although the contrast range on  this 
seems to be fine it's certainly not easy to see.
Last question, for now at least:-), this unit has the FS800 PCB rev C, with 
 revision 2.0 firmware, does anyone know if any later firmware is available 
that  includes Anthorn, or at least Rugby, as part of the Lessay chain?

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