[time-nuts] USB problems and solutions - Some what Off Topic

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jun 2 04:34:21 EDT 2015

The RPi doesn't seem to have a good reliability record, so that doesn't seem 
like the solution.

Thanks time-nuts, what a resource.

Cash Olsen

Very few problems with multiple RPi cards here.

Most of the problem reports I've seen have been from either:

- inadequate power supplies.  Note that the better ones have a 5.25V 2A 
capacity, allowing for some drop in the USB-micro-USB cable, and some people 
have been running power-hungry HDs off the USB ports.  Two years back the 
RPi had rather limited USB power, not so on today's hardware.

- SD cards - cheap or not well mounted.  The RPi 2 uses a micro-SD card with 
a much more secure mounting.

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