[time-nuts] TymServe 2100 and the 1995 GPS issue

Esa Heikkinen tn1ajb at nic.fi
Tue Jun 9 08:59:00 EDT 2015

Gerhard Wittreich kirjoitti:

> Once locked I did notice
> something interesting but maybe not important.  The control voltage to the
> oscillator (timing > util > tfp 0) went from a very consistent 0xba6f to a
> 0xbb02.  That's about 0.2% of scale.  I'll watch it over the next few days
> to see where it settles in.

Sounds like oscillator aging to me, sometimes they do larger jumps, stay 
there for a while and then again... Also it would not be suprising that 
this would happen just after the power was off and oven was cooled down 
for a moment.

Also, brand new oscillators seem to age more rapidly at start and then 
settles down when older but the effects of aging will never stop 
completely. But they seem to get better and better when aging.

I'm also waiting my MTI OCXO to arrive...


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