[time-nuts] Testing the Datum LPRO Rb oscillator

Sean Gallagher sean at wetstonetech.com
Wed Jun 17 15:08:47 EDT 2015

Good afternoon everyone,

So I have a bunch of Datum and Efratom LPRO Rb oscillators. I know that 
one of them is bad and I already swapped it out. I was getting really 
long lock times (if lock at all happened) and read that was an 

These things were all made from like 1999-2001 or so and from what I 
understand have about a 15 year lifespan. However a former colleague 
told me today that this limitation is really only if they are powered 
on. Is this true? If so then some of these units apparently were only 
hooked up for a couple years and then the servers they were in were 
taken offline and they may still have 10+ years of service right?

I was really wondering if someone could point me in the right direction 
(or towards a tutorial) on how I can test these and see if they are 
still okay? I don't have a lot of engineering experience but I do have 
access to a multi-meter and an oscilloscope and a decent amount of luck 
when it comes to troubleshooting.


Sean Gallagher
Malware Analyst

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