[time-nuts] Close in phase noise of microwave VCOs

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Wed Jun 17 19:41:02 EDT 2015

On 6/17/2015 8:22 AM, Jim Lux wrote:
> I'm looking for some representative data for inexpensive microwave VCOs
> (in the 2.5-6 GHz range, in general).  Not in a locked loop situation,

If you are working up to 2.5 GHz, you can get a low power
chip for $2 from Analog Devices that has a VCO and synthesizer.
For about $15, you can get a 4.4 GHz chip from ADI.  National
Semi and Hittite now part of ADI) also make these sorts of things.


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