[time-nuts] Close in phase noise of microwave VCOs

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 18 21:07:44 EDT 2015

On 6/18/15 1:46 PM, Brooke Clarke wrote:
> Hi Mark:
> Is there any documentation on the HB100?
first hit on google for "HB100 microwave sensor" (recognizing that what 
comes up as *my* first hit will probably be different than *your* first 

links to some data sheets.

There's people building arduino shields for these things.  They're also 
available with more electronics on the back that does the "motion 
detector" kind of function with a single bit output.

I haven't found a $10 unit that has both I/Q yet

The old MA/Com gunnplexers didn't have I/Q either, but they did have a 
varactor for modulating.

Of course, you can also modulate a gunn by just changing the bias 
voltage. Wretchedly non-linear, but that's what a DAC and lookup table 
is for.

Just for fooling around, I'd love something like the HB100, with the 
ability to modulate it over a few hundred MHz (leaving out DROs as an 
option) and with I/Q detection (doesn't have to be perfect quadrature, 
"about 90 +/- 20 degrees" is good enough: the errors are easy to 
calibrate out)

Probably can't do it for $10, though.  More like $100 (in small quantities)

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