[time-nuts] Testers needed: Arduino (Thunderbolt) TSIP Library

Dan Quigley danq at quigleys.us
Thu Jun 18 22:32:23 EDT 2015


I'm in the final stages of developing a new TSIP communications library for Arduino devices.  What distinguishes this library from the others that I found and mulled over, is an ability to configure and handle the TSIP packets that arrive asynchronously via 232 serial I/O from a Thunderbolt.  The library is being developed on UNO R3, Nano, Mega and DUE platforms (it should work on others) and supports both UART-based, and software (bit-banged) serial ports.  On systems (like DUE) it can use 8-byte precision floating point.   Setup and use is straight-forward requiring only a handful of code lines to get started.

Thus I am looking for a few volunteers with the hardware, time and desire to help test and validate the utility of the library before I release it to the community wild.  If you are interested please let me know off-list.

Dan Quigley (N7HQ)

Note: The libraries are derived from the great work by Mark Sims, John Miles and Tom Van Baak.  Please note this is not a "complete" Lady Heather-like implementation, but the structure and base functionality is there to advance it to that point. I also have a more complete library implemented in C# if anyone is interested.

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