[time-nuts] potential source for cheap copy of labview

Eric Garner garnere at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 13:40:58 EDT 2015

National Instruments (and may other vendors of software) has apparently
cottoned on to the fact that if they don't start catering to the "Maker"
market (I hate that term) that they will get left behind. In that spirit
they have released a non-commercial licence of labview.

you can learn more about it here:


I mention it on this list since many of us would like to use labview in our
home labs but haven't been willing to shell out for the exorbitant price.
I'm currently using one of the  spare licences from work to to labview
stuff at home, but i'd be willing to shell out the $49 to see what it got
me. I'm sending this out in the spirit of information, I'd rather not have
this devolve into the "labview sucks" sort of discussion that often comes
up with it's mention.

I haven't explored it much, but wanted to send it out.

Eric Garner

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