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I attach the schematics. I could send you off list my copy of the PRACTICAL 
GUIDE these schematics are taken from. Let me know.
Antonio I8IOV

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>Ogg: [time-nuts] HP 3586A documents
>I have recently acquired a used HP 3586A.
>Awhile back, in 2013, there was a thread that discussed the availability 
>of Mr. Bill Feldman's "A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR USING THE HP3586A.pdf", 
>which I have found on the BAMA website. However, as pointed out in the 
>earlier thread, the schematics for the various accessories are not 
>contained in the document.
>Has anyone since found the relevant PDF files (I believe that they are 
>named C1-C2.PDF, C3.PDF).
>There was also, apparently, a list of caps that should be replaced in 
>this instrument. If anyone has a copy of that, it would be very useful 
>to me.
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