[time-nuts] AT&T RFG-M-RB

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Mon Jun 22 02:41:48 EDT 2015

  I have a AT&T RFG-M-RB not Lucent made around 1997.
It is different because it does not have the usual Rubidium oscillator in it.
It actually has two stacked boards and the lower one is the Rubidium Oscillator.
The only thing in the can which snaps off is the physics package. 
  I finally tracked down the frequency adjustment pot which is located on the 
lower board but there is a access hole in the upper board to access it.
  The hole in the metal can is not for frequency adjustment but it is a capacitor
connected to the RF excitation coil for the lamp.
  It is very interesting and I would like to have data on it.
   The Rubidium oscillator is a Efratom 102100-003, this number is on the metal can
and also the part number on the printed circuit board. The pin out on the top of the
metal can matches the 14 single row pins that connect between the upper board and
the Rubidium oscillator board. 
   All thru hole parts . no SMT, including inside the rectangle metal can. 

Bill wa4lav

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