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Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 19:02:42 EDT 2015

Yes, for ferrites, many (all?) of the Amidon FT-xxx parts are perfectly
standard Fair-Rite cores available from full-line distributors like Mouser,
Newark, etc.

Iron powder cores are not stocked by any of the standard distributors that
I know of, but kitsandparts.com has good prices and quick delivery.

Sometimes Amidon is the best or only place for a particular part.

Good online source on ferrite transformers with measurements and
distributor part numbers: Clifton Labs. e.g.

Tim N3QE

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 2:02 PM, Jim Lux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:

> On 6/23/15 4:25 AM, Tim Shoppa wrote:
>> "Experimental Methods in RF Design" has a half-dozen pages specifically on
>> the choices of powdered iron and ferrite materials, and lots of working
>> circuits and designs with measurements. Aka EMRFD.
>> http://www.arrl.org/shop/Experimental-Methods-in-RF-Design
>> Here in the USA, iron powder and ferrite cores of many different
>> materials,
>> sizes, and a few shapes are available from Amidon and kitsandparts.com.
>> Many useful ferrite cores for multi-turn transformers and chokes, are sold
>> as "EMI beads" by Mouser and Newark and other mainline distributors. I
>> don't know too much about easy availability in EU.
> I don't know that I'd recommend Amidon as a source.  Back when mail-order
> was king, Amidon did hams a real service by buying in bulk and selling in
> small quantities.  The price was high, but there was no other source.
> Amidon has gone through a lot of business changes over the last 20-30
> years (making magnetic tape heads and then not, overseas manufacturing,
> etc.).
> They're not the same company as Bill Amidon sitting in his garage in the
> San Fernando Valley putting cores in little paper or plastic envelopes with
> that folded up tissue paper instruction and data sheet with all the handy
> design equations and graphs.
> It used to be tough to get databooks from large manufacturers as a
> hobbyist. The sales reps would hand them out after qualifying you as a
> potential lead. Bill did everyone a great service in essentially redrawing
> and republishing all the needed data in a handy form.
> These days, most of the parts, (e.g. made by Fair-rite,Ferroxcube,
> Philips), etc are available from Mouser, DigiKey and other distributors
> readily.
> Furthermore, the design information is readily available on the web (e.g.
> from Fair-rite) or in various mailing lists.
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