[time-nuts] Splitters for the GPS antenna

Cash Olsen radio.kd5ssj at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 09:18:43 EDT 2015

I initially tried using Dishtv splitters with qualified success. On closer
examination the bandpass between dish 1 and dish2 is different and neither
actually calmed to pass the GPS frequencies. And indeed I had significantly
different path losses.

I wanted a better solution. I did a brief search and found the following.
The results are much better and the price was very reasonable. My path
losses appear to be balanced and generally agree within 1dB, with at least
10 SV reporting 39 - 49dB. The splitter I tried has a claimed bandwidth of
40 to 2400 MHz and a "all ports power pass".

Of course you have to have the adaptors from type N to type F and type F to
type SMA. I was able to find all of those on Amazon and don't forget some
type F terminators, they are hard to find in local box stores.

Hope this helps some of the new guys, like myself, to get their labs up a
little quicker.

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