[time-nuts] PCI-E Serial Card For Windows NTP?

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Thu Jun 25 14:01:23 EDT 2015

For Serial ports and Personal Computers (PCI or PCIe), work with 
LAVA Link in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The Chinese cheap add-on card is a mine field of bad designs or implementations.
You will find that out (first hand) once you push the serial speed beyond 9600 baud, unreliable at 38.4 kbaud.  In addition, they struggle with software drivers with various Windows versions.

I have used LavaLink since 1984, when they started Canadian company, with MS and SCO Xenix on IBM AT (80286).  The additional advantage, they are just across the border and support is very good.

2 Vulcan Street
Toronto, Ontario, M9W 1L2
T: 1-800-241-LAVA (5282) toll free in North America
T: 416-674-5942
F: 416-674-8262
Skype: office.lavacomputers

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