[time-nuts] O/T: Help requested

Antonio A. S. Magalhaes asmagal at fc.up.pt
Sun Jun 28 11:56:09 EDT 2015

Dear Attila,

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, I found too many difficulties with
Amazon.com, with my Visa card, with my bank and
with PayPal, simply because I moved recently from
my country (Portugal) to Brazil. This is a shame
on the so-called "Communications Era".

I gave up my intention to buy the book, until more
clever and favourable conditions become.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the attention and
friendly good will received from members of the list.

Kind regrads,
Antonio A.S. Magalhaes

A 2015-06-27 10:25, Attila Kinali escreveu:
> On Sat, 27 Jun 2015 03:52:00 +0100
> "Antonio A. S.  Magalhaes" <asmagal at fc.up.pt> wrote:
>> I would like to buy a second-hand Radio Astronomy book,
>> only available in the USA, before the book becomes unobtainable.
> Only if you tell us which book that is, so we can buy it as well ;-)
>> The author is someone that I had the privilege to know personally
>> and I am very proud of that knowledge.
>> The problem is that the seller doesn't want to send it abroad.
>> Is there someone in this noble list kind enough to go between and
>> re-send the book for me?
> As I am quite often buying books that are hard to come by as well,
> I faced the same problem too. Luckily, there are several P.O box
> services in the US that are glad to relay any mail from the US to
> any place in the world. Some of them are also good for one time
> use. I personally use usabox.com. They are probably not the cheapest
> but worked well for me.
> 			Attila Kinali

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