[time-nuts] Greetings from Australia

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jun 30 02:02:18 EDT 2015

Hi Guys :)
I thought I’d say thanks for the add to the group and introduce myself.
I have a question…
Is the reason most amateur radio people care about accurate frequency mostly 
operating at higher radio frequencies?
I imagine if a bunch of radio enthusiasts aligned their HF radios with 
atomic standards for use
on those bands that doppler shift would ruin everything the additional 
hardware put into it.
Cheers, Brek.

Welcome, Brek!

It isn't just frequency, but time as well.  There are some modes where the 
time needs to be known to within about 1/10 second, which can be easily 
achieved running NTP on Windows PCs.  Having a local GPS-locked stratum-1 
server based on a PC (Windows or Linux) or Raspberry Pi makes this 
independent of needing an Internet connection - e.g. for field work.

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