[time-nuts] Casio Watches 13 Year Drift in Seattle

Alex Pummer alex at pcscons.com
Mon Jun 29 16:52:04 EDT 2015

and that magic timing machine was the vibrograph,  more abot it here: 
we had one

On 6/29/2015 12:16 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:
> Back in the day when mechanical escapement pocket watches, and wrist
> watches were state of the art, the jeweler would adjust the watch to
> run at a normal rate, and give them a daily wind.  Everything looked
> nice in the display case.
> When a customer bought a watch, the jeweler would set the watch to
> his shop clock, and instruct the customer to wear, and wind the watch
> normally for two weeks, but do not set it.  At the end of the two
> weeks, bring the watch back to the shop for a check up...
> When the watch came back, the jeweler would calculate the number of days
> the watch had been worn, note the difference from his shop clock, and
> calculate the daily rate of the watch.  He would then set his timing
> machine for the the inverse of that rate, and set the watch to match.
> Now, when the customer wore his watch, the watch would seem to always
> be right on because it was adjusted for a rate that compensated for
> the customer's patterns of wearing the watch...his "personal error".
> This trick had an added advantage because the customer got to see
> how so-so his brand new watch behaved during those two weeks, and
> got to be dazzled by his jeweler's rare ability to make the new
> watch perform so much better than the factory could!
> If this was normal back at the turn of the 20th century, why wouldn't
> Casio, and others at least do as well?  Especially now that all
> electronic watches have a microprocessor built in... complete with
> temperature sensing diodes, battery monitors, and other nifty gadgets.
> -Chuck Harris
> Bryan _ wrote:
>> But wouldn't normal watch wear just balance itself over time, one 
>> wears their
>> watch for say 12 hours and the rest it sits on a counter at a much 
>> colder
>> temperature. So wonder if Casio would actually go to such lengths to 
>> compensate.
>> Maybe, interesting though.
>> -=Bryan=-
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