[time-nuts] End Of The World

David okdavid55 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 30 23:19:33 EDT 2015

I'm happy to report that I did not get blasted away, but I did record what I think is an odd "catch-up" on a display clock.

I have a Spectracom TV400 display clock literally sitting on top of and connected to a Spectracom 8183 (set to Central time zone) via RS-485 and 10' of shielded, twisted-pair wire. Below the 8183 is an 8183-A set to UTC. I grabbed my iPhone and videoed the three a little bit on both sides of the leap second while listening to WWV on 10 MHz with a Kinemetrics/TrueTime WVTR MK V.

As expected, on the leap second the display on the 8183 showed 6:59:60 (the 8183-A showed 23:59:60), but the TV400 displayed 7:00:00 at that moment. The TV400 remained one second ahead until it displayed 7:00:03 for a two-second period, then from 7:00:04 forward it was properly synced.

I know only enough about electronics to be potentially dangerous, so I have no explanation for this behavior. Perhaps someone knows why this happened and can explain?

Thanks much to all for the enjoyment of and knowledge I've gained from reading postings on this list! 

David Stell
Oklahoma City

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So are we all still here? Any portion of the group blasted into non-existance by the leap second please speak up :)


Any observations of anomalous behavior yet?

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