[time-nuts] A new time nut - and a question!

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Oct 1 12:02:29 EDT 2015

Hi list,

I recently got time to build my first stratum-1 GPS timeserver around
a raspberry-pi (first model) and one of these [1].
I would ideally like to have it work as a completely standalone time
source, only getting timing information from the GPS signal it is
receiving (no network peers). As such, I built ntpd with --with-NMEA,
and tweaked things around to the point where I *think* I got it
working, however, my simple question is:

Thanks for your time

- Chris


I used no special build on NTP.  I've been asked the same question, and put 
some notes sent in by users on my Web site:


Perhaps there's something there?

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