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Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Fri Oct 2 15:20:50 EDT 2015

Launch3 contacted me, this morning, and noted they received over 10 separate inquiries for the 59532A antenna within 3 hours after I posted on "time-nuts" (daily digest readers have not yet received notice).
For newbies, this is a great price (eBay sells the used antennas for $100 each),
and they are brand new.
The Internet has 99% of the questions posted, so far.  The answers are there, 
IF you know how to use your search engine (Google, Bing, etc.).

Steve -

The Symmetricom 58532A GPS L1 Reference Antenna is an outdoor antenna.
The 58532a AUS option is a very simple kit of parts for mounting to a wall, or existing mast or tower leg. 
Your Answer is in the Specification Sheet I provided (and on Launch3 web site)
PAGE 2 : FIGURE 2 of the Specification Sheet tells you the SIZE of the Mast.
You see these Microsemi/Symmetricom mounting kits regularly sold on eBay (Launch3 may even have some), look at this eBay completed sale: 221735118342  ~ $20.00

IF you have ever installed a Diamond/Comet VHF/UHF base antenna -- 
this is the same mounting design type.
You can mount this to a wood structure, masonry wall, or existing pipe/mast (side of tower), as noted in Microsemi documents.

NOTE:  The antenna's "N" connector is on the bottom of the 58532A antenna.
These means that your coaxial feed must be routed inside your mounting pipe / mast -- 
IF you don't use the AUS kit of parts (or equivalent), then buy / acquire parts you need.

HARDWARE PARTS in typical AUS Mounting Kit
Turn to last page for typical AUS kit sold by Symmetricom/Microsemi

1 - Mast: 42 mm OD, 38mm ID; 355m Length; 10-60 CRS hot-dipped galvanized steel.
2 - Brackets
3 - Clamps
2 - U-Bolts
4 - Mounting Screws
4 - Hex Nuts

You can find these parts at hardware stores and TV antenna installation outlets.
The Pictorials, in this document, may help you visualize.

Original message:
The Symmetricom data sheet mentions the Option AUB antenna mast. 
What is that? I don't find details of it. How does you mount the 58532A antenna 
if the Option AUB mast is not available?

Steve, K8JQ

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