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Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Fri Oct 2 19:06:44 EDT 2015

Dan -

I have been following your experimentation with the surplus Lucent KS-24361 REF-0 module, to transform it into a standalone GPSDO.

The original usage of the classic Oncore UT+ GPS receiver for KS-24361 REF-1, by Symmetricom / Datum for Lucent, was deliberate.  
For usage at a cellular data/telecom site, the focus was on the timing and frequency discipline from the GPS satellite transmission, rather than the position or dead reckoning aspects -- used by smartphones, automobiles, and other GPS applications on the market.
A couple of comments.
While I can appreciate being economical (main criteria) and selecting the NEO-6M receiver, I believe that a u-Blox timing specific module (like LEA-6T) would be more desirable in this application.

In addition, the u-Blox 6-series is the trailing edge of product support (market demand dictates its continuance), while the 7 and 8-series are their current modules (largely for the cellular / mobile industry (smartphones or cell sites themselves)

u-Blox 6-series Timing Application Note (using the LEA-6T)

IF you successfully adopt the u-Blox module to correctly "mimic" the Oncore UT+ GPS receiver command suite, THEN you open up a larger audience of "time-nuts" and Frequency Standard users (HP Z3801A frequency standard universe) as a receiver alternative.

These users may desire a "newer" GPS receiver that has more channels (8-channel); latest generation receiver; access to the newest GPS constellations.
TAPR might be interested in sponsoring, as a kit/module, if a wider audience existed.

The Heol Designs N024 receiver (France) accomplished this replacement role for the Trimble ACE II/III GPS receiver used in the Symmetricom/Datum TymServe TS2100.  
Their solution resolved shortcomings in the mid-1990 Trimble receiver design and giving this Symmetricom NTP server, time IRIG-B time code generator, and 10 MHz reference appliance a new lease on life (no longer a door stop).


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