[time-nuts] The Symmetricom GPS Antenna's (Export licenses? are there any needed?)

jim s jwsmail at jwsss.com
Sat Oct 3 04:05:19 EDT 2015

Does anyone know of any issue with licensing (export licenses) for 
these?  I seldom hesitate to ship old computer stuff I have, but that 
GPS is technically a military tool gives me pause to step up. The vendor 
may have such things ironed out, but individuals that step up here may 
have a hassle to worse to send them to you guys in Europe.

Not sure of restrictions, maybe someone can comment.

Maybe a bulk buy thru someone who can transship to the appropriate place 
in Europe then send out most economically from there would work.  But 
high shipping rates is par for what I've had to pay to send computer 
things one at a time to Europe.

I had a discussion just last week about shipping out a lot of test 
equipment and RF stuff that the naive user might get into a world of 
hurt shipping. (not Time Nut type but restricted).  There was not a lot 
to indicate what was going to get you into trouble.

Typical problems were "just sell it to me and ship it to this export 
broker @ xyz NYC or such) which of course doesn't relieve the seller of 
responsibility of export licensing, etc.  This was done on several Ebay 
sales just to clarify the problem and ways people overseas were trying 
to get people to do the wrong thing.


On 10/2/2015 10:36 AM, Roy Phillips wrote:
> For we Europeans, British in my case, the Symmetricom GPS antennas are very good buy – but the addition of US $60.00 for the shipping makes them rather expensive ! – plus taxes ......
> Roy
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