[time-nuts] Jackson Labs M12M Replacement Receiver

Keith Loiselle keith.loiselle at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 10:14:45 EDT 2015

Hello everyone,

Since there are many Fury GPSDO users here and many other users of the
Motorola M12+ and M12M timing receivers, we wanted to introduce our new
product which is an M12M compatible timing and navigation receiver that
uses the latest uBlox M8T GNSS receiver, and is a one-to-one replacement
for the aging, and hard to use Motorola/iLotus GPS receiver.

This is kind of like a super M12M, with significant improvements in the
1PPS timing accuracy and stability, support for receiving two of any of the
standard GNSS systems at any one time (GPS with SBAS, Glonass, QZSS,
BeiDou, and soon Galileo), and true plug-and-play operation. It should work
in pretty much most Motorola M12+ and M12M binary command applications.

The unit is a form-fit-function compatible replacement for the M12M/M12+
receivers, and has been qualified on the JLT Fury GPSDO as well as the
Microsemi/Symmetricom XLI, and provides a massive upgrade in GNSS
performance such as -167dBm tracking capability (think indoors reception
may now be possible under certain circumstances), 72 channels capability
for very fast cold-start and re-acquisition, and multi-GNSS support.

It has some additional features such as:

*   Two USB ports, one for easy SCPI control, one for full access to the
uBlox commands for setup, as well as Carrier Phase, Almanac, and Ephemeris
data. The unit can also be powered via the USB ports and used stand-alone
sitting on a desk etc. There is no setup required though out-of-the-box,
all setup is optional

* 7-Segment LED status display and 5 additional status LEDs show GNSS
status, fix status, signal strength, UTC time, and number of sats tracked

* DIP switch for easy configuration of which GNSS systems should be
enabled, Position Hold mode versus 3D Mobile mode, etc (these settings can
be over-written by USB commands)

* 1Hz to 10MHz+ buffered Synthesized (NCO) output that is frequency-locked
to the GNSS system, and can be easily configured through the USB ports

* Position Hold mode with Auto Survey, or full 3D mobile mode (selectable
via USB, Motorola binary command, or via the DIP switch), supporting full
Auto Kalman setup depending on vehicle dynamics (including auto-selection
of Carrier Phase versus Doppler tracking etc)

You can find out more in the User Manual and Spec Sheet available here:




We are making this unit available to Time Nuts users for a special pricing
of $185 per unit plus shipping. Pricing will revert to the list price of
$220 at the end of this month. We are asking for anyone using the M12+ or
M12M receivers in other than the Fury or XLI GPSDOs to help us test
compatibility with those systems, and hope to have as many different
products as possible tested out with your help.

Please contact me OFFLINE(!) if you are interested in this unit.


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