[time-nuts] UBLOX LEA-5T Programming?

Perry Sandeen sandeenpa at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 9 01:39:54 EDT 2015

I have six of the older style (anodized solid aluminum case) Lucent crystal oscillators that I’d like to turn into simple 10 MHZ output GPSDO’s. I have some salvaged HP cases so I can have a linear PS and all other stuff in one package.
I’ve found two different choices of GPS relatively low cost units on Ebay. 
One is a LUCENT M12+ GPS Timing Receiver W/100 Hz output  for  $19.99 Item 171886538138.
The other is a UBLOX LEA-5T GPS module dev board 1PPS /USB/RS232/ntp ser with two 1 PPS outputs for $49.90. Item 251785217093.
IIRC, one output of a Ublox can be set to a 10 MHz.
Can this model be set to have a 10 MHz output and is it easily done from a PC? I have no coding ability.
For more money I’d get a simpler phase detector circuit, which is all I’m looking for. For less money I’d have to build more circuitry.
A factor I don’t know is if the ublox is that much better/newer to justify the price difference.
I already have packed away two Oncore units with either a 1 KHz or 10 KHz output.
Suggestions welcomed.

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