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Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Fri Oct 9 12:29:25 EDT 2015

Some additional information from Don, AJ7LL post on new GPS product.

This is what Bill, AA7XT (new Force12) posted on his Blog, 3 weeks ago.

Ultra-accurate GPS-Locked Precision Frequency Reference 

Many SDR radios, transverters and other precision devices in the ham shack can be made even more precise when locked to an external frequency reference.  We recently came across an ultra-accurate GPS-locked Precision Frequency Reference made in England by Leo Bodnar Electronics with two programmable low-jitter outputs at a great price. We immediately ordered a batch that just arrived at our Colorado warehouse.

More info on product page:  http://www.force12inc.com/products/gps-locked-prec...

The digital PLL allows the two output frequency references to be set to almost any value between 450-Hz and 800-MHz (each output can be set to a different frequency). Measured phase noise falls to -144-dBc/Hz @ 1-MHz and then becomes essentially too low to measure at higher frequencies.




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