[time-nuts] Rohde & Schwarz GPSDO

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Oct 10 06:49:45 EDT 2015


On 10/09/2015 09:35 PM, Rami Vainio wrote:
> On 7.10.2015 14:45, Arthur Dent wrote:
>> I believe that like a lot of the Meinberg receivers that
>> this uses a down converter to give an IF frequency of
>> 35.4 MHz. If you don't have the converter that apparently
>> isn't included with the receiver you have a $300 paperweight.
>> You might want to check with the seller before bidding.
> Hi, here is quick and dirty way to make your own LNC to Meinberg 166 (I
> got it with no antenna and broken 10MHz oscillator):
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n4lob51pzs236wb/AABy7DVGxX4EIaazizGaAx5Na?dl=0

A friend has one of those boxes, as I gave it to him.
One of the Meinberg brothers did the actual DSP code in it.

I know of very few vendors (Meinberg and Trimble) of GPSDOs that does 
both the GPS and DO parts, and if you take on the effort to do the GPS 
side, then you get a better system understanding. Most GPSDOs builds on 
OEM modules.

As I recall, this is a one-channel receiver with analogue Early, Prompt 
and Late correlator integrators, where the Altera produces the chips and 
the DSP does all the nav-stuff.

Martin might remember more (or just ask).


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