[time-nuts] Trimble Thunderbolt and David Partridge divider board question

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Mon Oct 12 10:08:41 EDT 2015

  12/10/2015 14:58

I have had my Trimble and Dave's divider board for many years and it's
on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no problems.
Trimble uses a mushroom roof mounted aerial. I have recently built up
an amateur band 136Khz station giving about 800 Watts into a terribly
inefficient (electrically very very short) Marconi T aerial witha
horizontal wire loop capacitive top hat. I have used the 10MHz out of
Dave's divider board to lock a master oscillator in my Kenwood TS-590
transceiver, which is the driver for my 136kHz amp, giving just 0 dBm
out. I have found when the TX is on at 136kHz the Trimble / divider
baord output goes wild and a clean square wave goes seemingly random
on my scope with noise. This unlocks the TS-590, blah blah.

My  questions  are,  is this likely to be RF affecting the Trimble, or
the  board?  the  baord  feeds  a  panel  in my shck with its vearious
frequency  divisions,  the  10MHz  output  goes  to the Kenwood TS-590
reference  locking  gizmo.  The  scope shows noise from a disconnected
RG-316  co-ax  at  the  panel end. Should I get up in the loft and try
connecting  the  10MHz direct from the Trimble and leave the board out
as  a  test?  Does  anyone know if a strong 136kHz signal is likely to
affect the Trimble itself?


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                   Chris Wilson.
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