[time-nuts] Symmetricom 58534A-H01, NOS surplus (eBay)

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Tue Oct 13 11:43:17 EDT 2015

Surplus Ericsson GPS Timing Antennas (58534A), new in box, have appeared on eBay -- 
at a significant reduction in price (compared to used units sold from China).
Item number: 111702246202
Seller is located in Austin, TX (USA)

Symmetricom 58534A GPS Timing Antenna (circa 1998)
Integrated GPS Timing Receiver (for outdoor mounting)
Data Sheet

Symmetricom 58534A : Option 001 (circa 2000)
GPS Antenna Evaluation Kit
User's Guide

The 53534A has a 30.5cm cable (12-conductors, 6 twisted pairs, shielded)
terminated with a 12-pin round (circular) connector (Deutsch MMP 21C-2212P1).
This 12-pin circular connector is used with similar "all-in-one" receiver/antennas by
Motorola, Trimble, and Accutime.
The Mating Connector is: Deutsch MMP 26C-2212S1 composed of a 
molded back-shell (6810-204-2001) and 12 socket terminals (6862-201-22278).
Deutsch Connectors are now part of TE Connectivity (old Amphenol connectors),
check with your TE Connectivity electronics distributors. 

Synergy SYSTEMS (San Diego) may have those connectors available.

PHOTOS are available of what is "inside" this 58534A GPS Timing Antenna (circa 2008).
Includes schematic diagram for a DIY Interface box (5060-0184)
to convert the RS-422 to RS-232 and provide a 1 pps output.

A DIY interface box could be changed to USB (computer connection) 
with the proper substitution of a Silicon Labs or FTDI  -- UART (TTL) to USB bridge chip,
for the Maxim 232 device.



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