[time-nuts] Magellan GPS OEM 10 Channel -- Pinout & Docs

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Fri Oct 16 15:32:04 EDT 2015

Mariusz -


I submitted your question and photograph to Magellan Technical Support, 

however being that this is a 20 year old OEM GPS Receiver - I do not expect
a miracle after multiple owners of the company since 1994.



It would be very helpful to know the Equipment that this GPS receiver was
removed from (automotive, marine, military??, etc.)

You sometimes can attack the research from the "other side" of the unknown


>From my research, at this point, this maybe the Magellan AVI-10 OEM receiver
(their third generation design). 

The Magellan AVI10 was an OEM 10-channel GPS receiver, sold by Magellan in
this time period.


IRONICALLY, your answer for documents may be in the Archives Center of the
Smithsonian Institution.

MiTAC Corporation submitted these historical records, of the Magellan
company, to the Smithsonian in 2010. 


Archives Center, National Museum of American History - Smithsonian






Smithsonian Institution


Series 3, Engineering and Product Development Materials, 1978-1998, consists
of ten subseries:

Subseries 7, Third Generation, 1986-1994, consists of technical notes for
the development of the third generation (primarily Meridian and Trailblazer
models) of Magellan GPS devices. 

Third generation models were intended for the lower end of the GPS market
and were compact hand-held (size, weight, battery life) and a retail price
that was reasonable. 

Other third generation devices included: the meridian, Trailblazer, AIV10
OEM, Skatblazer, NAV 6500 PM, Meridian/TB/SB XL, NAV 1200 Pm, NAV 1200 XL
PM, NAV DLX 10, Promark X, and the Pro Mark X-CM.


Series 5, User Guides and Manuals, 1989-2005 and undated, consists of
training, reference, and user guides for the consumer who purchased Magellan

The guides are primarily spiral bound and some are annotated. Multiple
copies of some years exist. The series is arranged chronologically.


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> Unfortunately board have 16-pin i 2 row interface.

> Here is a photo of the Magellan board:

> http://users.cbk.waw.pl/~pozoga/oem10.jpg


> Mariusz



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