[time-nuts] GPS Referenced Programmable Oscillator...

Dimitri.p dimitri at dotp.com
Mon Oct 19 15:12:03 EDT 2015

It would be interesting if the programmable PLL 
was offered as a stand alone (using an external 
10MHZ reference) ..now that would be something.
Instead of adding a mystery GPS receiver and a mystery TCXO into the works.
Most people interested on this probably already 
have one or two (or more ) GPSDOs  :)


At 10:34 PM 10/18/2015, Bob Albert via time-nuts wrote:
>Well it seems to me to have too high a 
>price.  It could be useful; if I had one I'd 
>use it as a master oscillator for my HP 
>counter.  My ham transceiver is very accurate 
>so I don't need to improve on it.
>If it were around $50 I would be very interested.
>Bob K6DDX

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