[time-nuts] Unified VCXO Carrier Board

Dimitri.p dimitri at dotp.com
Thu Oct 22 17:09:36 EDT 2015

The price of the resistors is small change 
compared to the $8 connector for the 10811.
Then again maybe the plan is not to actually 
build one board with all the parts that will 
accomodate any of the OCXOs on the list


At 04:44 AM 10/22/2015, Bob Camp wrote:
> > 2. It provides unified tuning: 0V = lowest 
> possible frequency, 3V3 or 5V = highest 
> possible frequency, no matter of the VCXO tuning sense and range.
>That immediately gets you into op amps and 
>feedback resistor stability. With a number of 
>combinations, the required resistors can get pretty expensive. It
>also gets you into dual supplies with some OCXO’s.

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