[time-nuts] [Bulk] Unified VCXO Carrier Board

Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Thu Oct 22 18:47:56 EDT 2015

Your statement about the PN of comparators conflicts with my measurements. The LTC6957 evaluation board had an 18dBc/Hz lower phase noise floor than a comparator circuit with 10MHz 15dBm inputs. However I only measured a single comparator circuit. The Holzworth sine to CMOS converter had a comparable PN to the LTC6957-4.
I haven't, as yet measured the PN of an optimised Wenzel circuit.My setup for this measurement had a PN floor of around -180dBc/Hz.


     On Friday, 23 October 2015 11:01 AM, Gerhard Hoffmann <dk4xp at arcor.de> wrote:

 Am 22.10.2015 um 18:30 schrieb J. L. Trantham:
> Don't know if it would help much in your ultimate plan but the concept has been done before as the 53132-60011 and 53132-60016 Optional Time Base Boards for the 53132A counters.  These boards will accommodate either an Isotemp OCXO33-46 (HP 1813-0931) OCXO for OPT 001, or either of two variants of the 10811 for OPT 010 or 012.  There is a jumper that needs to removed and possibly connected to a power supply for the 10811's.
> Might be helpful to take a look at for ideas.
Thanks, I'll take a look if I find it to harvest ideas, but given the 
ebay situation, the Morion and
the MTI-260 are a must. The project will probably require jumpers by the 
I still have a wire-wrap gun. :-)

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