[time-nuts] FTDI UT232R-200 cables

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Thu Oct 22 18:50:20 EDT 2015

Inteknology & Solutions LLC is an electronics/computer recycler in Plano, TX.
Recently, they received new old stock FTDI UT232R-200 cables (in FTDI packaging).
These cables are listed on eBay at half-price ($14.99) of identical cables at Mouser ($30.00).
IF you purchase quantity from Intek, they do consider eBay "make offers". 
eBay auction number: 311445814121
I purchased a couple of these cables, last month, from Intek.
After loading the latest VCP driver (2.12.06, July 8, 2015) for my computer (Windows 10 Pro, OS), the cable provides full functionality for my TS2100 (serial port).

This cable uses the FT232RQ USB bridge chip (popular FTDI chipset) and 
a performance UART to RS232 level converter.  FTDI provides a wide selection of VCP and D2XX Drivers for various OS.

FTDI UT232R-200 Data Sheet

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