[time-nuts] High Stability OCXO for Pendulum CNT-90

Stan swperk at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 27 01:01:27 EDT 2015

Hello all,


I have a Pendulum CNT-90 with the standard oscillator option. I notice that
there is an open area on the main PCB where a higher stability reference
would be installed.


1)      Is it possible to install an aftermarket high stability reference
oscillator into this stock CNT-90 and be able to use it?

2)      If so, is it just a matter of soldering an appropriate OCXO module
into the designated area on the PCB?

3)      Will the CNT-90 automagically recognize it, or are there jumpers or
other things that have to be done to enable it? 

4)      Any recommendations for a good, high stability reference to use?




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