[time-nuts] Looking for Datum/Symmetricom MONITOR.EXE software

Skip Withrow skip.withrow at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 10:18:16 EDT 2015

Hello Time-Nuts,

Looks like the TLI interface on my PRS-50 has died (I just can't get
anything through either serial port - 9600,8,N,1), and I need to switch the
auxiliary output from its current 5MHz to 10MHz.  When I remove the TLI
interface I can see status over the rear RS-232 connector at 2400,7,O,2, so
it looks like it is working.  Trouble is, it looks like I need the old
Datum DOS monitor.exe program to be able to talk to the PRS-50 now.  Google
doesn't seem to have been my friend, if anyone has it squirreled away I
would very much appreciate a copy.  My guess is that this software was used
with the PRS-45 also.

There is also a Windows program called Instrument Monitor that works with
the 2400,7,O,2 interface, but doesn't seem to be able to change the
auxiliary port or if it can, let me know how).  The Monitor2, Monitor3, and
Hyperterminal can only be used with the TL1 command language.  I have
copies of all of them (but are now useless).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Skip Withrow

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