[time-nuts] Beginners GPS locked frequency counter question

Chris Wilson chris at chriswilson.tv
Sat Oct 31 06:50:36 EDT 2015

  31/10/2015 10:46

   I have a Racal counter locked to 1 MHz on its rear panel external
   input socket from my Trimble Thunderbolt GPS. I derive the 1 Mhz
   from a David Partridge divider board. If I also feed the counter
   with the 10 Mhz direct output from the same GPS it reads one or two
   Hz out. As I assume the counter is working purely mathematically
   why would that be please?

   As an aside, I work low frequency RF transmissions on 136 Mhz, and
   very narrow bandwidth. Can a soundcard be locked to GPS instead of
   its own internal crystal for precise frequency output?


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