[time-nuts] 5370B Question / help needed

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 1 16:23:34 EDT 2017

This is a very common problem...  basically the fan blows directly down the chassis onto the front panel area where a large dust bunny builds its nest.  The switches are gold plated leaf springs that slide on a gold plated circuit board.  They are open to the environment and collect all sort of dust and schmutz.

If you need to troubleshoot the unit, I have a few extender card kits left... $30+shipping for the three board set.  Two 44-pin boards are used to extend a card from the mainframe and there is a 36 (?) pin card that can be used with the front panel or oscillator buffer card..


> One other observation, probably related: After powerup it took several
vigorous switch activations of the COM/SEP switch before the thing swung
into action at all

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